Laxman - the backbone of Indian cricket team.

VVS Laxman, also called as very very special Laxman, has proved himself as the backbone of Indian test cricket team. This right handed batsman. His excellent timing and tricky shot against spin makes him a challenge for the bowling team. His unique style, technique and the way he sticks with the ground is a real pleasure to watch.His success ratio is higher in test cricket than One day matches.

Style and technique:

Laxman is a right handed batsman and right arm off spin is his bowling style.Laxman enjoys his technique of keeping the guess to the bowler and fielders for his next shots. Captains of various experts teams are always get confused about the setting of fielders while Laxman is at the pitch. Laxman's impact on the bowler can be easily observes that when he is on the striking end, the bowler like fastest or swinger use to bowl him outside the off stump. The reason behind is that he has well trained with the forward shorts and commanded with the cover shots. Thus, it is impossible for any bowler to predict about the timing and cover driving to the ball.

He uses to play the ball with the gap between cover and extra cover and vice versa, there is always a balance chance with him to roll his wrist or to play the on-drive shot to mid-wicket. Peoples as well as cricketers from all the international teams used to call VVS Laxman as Very Very Special Laxman.

Major contributions

Laxman's major and powerful attack came in existence when India was on the condition to play follow on against the world champion Australia at Eden Gardens, Kolkata in the year 2001. India was almost moving down towards the follow on but Laxman's attack to Australian with the individual score of 281 and the his partnership with Rahul Dravid of around 400 runs moved India towards the historical victory against Australia. When he crossed score of 250 runs, Government of India decided to award him some money on every of his run above 250. Laxman's next target was to make a huge impact about his talent against Aussies when he was playing his 99th test match at Delhi's famous cricket ground Feroz Shah Kotla Ground. He again hit a double century in this test, proved his superiority with his talent and passion in his cricket, and proved to be the backbone of Indian cricket team. On his 100th test, he again score a century and gifted to his fans as his landmark test.